A True Friendship

True Friendship

What is a true friendship?

The proverb says
The one, who has got friends, has all.
However, the one who believes that has got everything,
Lives without anyone,
In loneliness, without friends,
In fact, has little…

Bonds that unite people
In sincere friendship,
Difficultly end up
In the drain of malevolence

True friendships
Are rare such as essences,
Embrace us with caress
And supply our neediness

For material goods,
There are stores to buy.
But there are no stores that may
Friendship offer…

And in the times of uncertainty,
Who can we count on?
No material good
No matter what might be the danger,
It will never be more valuable
Than the shoulder of a loyal friend…

©Oriza Martins
Tr: Daiane da Silva

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